Top 20 NuGet api-client Packages

Boilerplate-free, idiomatic JSON:API for your beautiful, idiomatic F# domain model. Optimized for developer happiness.
This package helps to generate client proxy for an api using the Refit library. It adds cache and retries using Polly to the generated proxies. User logic can also be added as wrappers to the requests or to the method calls.
C# .NET Standard SDK for the TSheets V1 API
A full-featured .NET API library (a.k.a. wrapper) for the official Binance web API.
Refit client interfaces for Lykke.Service.HftInternalService API
SignNow.Net is a .NET 4.5+ and .NET standard class library for the SignNow API. (Official Library) SignNow allows you to embed legally-binding e-signatures into your app, CRM or cloud storage. Send documents for signature directly from your website. Invite multiple signers to finalize contracts. Tr...
Utilities for working with HTTP-based API clients that use JSON on the wire.
Refit clients and contract classes for the Lykke high-frequency trading API. Clients can be generated using the default Refit RestService or using the Lykke.HttpClientGenerator nuget package.
A C# .NET2 client library to access the 51st-state API.
Client for Workday Extensibility API
Client for Workday Workforce API
Client for Workday Connect API
Client for Workday Time Tracking API
Client for Workday Tenant Data Translation API
Client for Workday Talent API
Client for Workday Student Recruiting API
Client for Workday Student Records API
Client for Workday Student Finance API
Client for Workday Staffing API
Client for Workday Settlements Services API