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SOCI was initially developed in the environment where Oracle was the main database technology in use.

As a wrapper for the native OCI API (Oracle Call Interface), the name 'Simple Oracle Call Interface' was quite obvious - until the 2.0 release, when the internal architecture was largely redesigned to allow the use of backends that support other database servers. We have kept the same name to indicate that Oracle is the main supported technology in the sense that the library includes only those features that were naturally implemented in Oracle. With the 2.1 release of the library, two new backends were added (MySQL and SQLite3) and we decided to drop the original full name so that new users looking for a library supporting any of these simpler libraries are not discouraged by seeing 'Oracle' somewhere in the name. The other possible interpretation was 'Syntax Oriented Call Interface', which stresses the fact that SOCI was built to support the most natural and easy interface for the user that is similar to the Embedded SQL concept (see below).

But on the other hand, SOCI also provides other features (like object-relational mapping) and as a whole it is not just 'emulator' of the Embedded SQL. With all these considerations in mind, SOCI is just 'SOCI - The C++ Database Access Library'.


Version: 3.2.0
Author(s): Maciej Sobczak, Mateusz Loskot
Last Update: Monday, April 7, 2014
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Install-Package soci
dotnet add package soci
paket add soci
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