NuGet Package Ratzz | Update check

This package checks if there is an update available

To start upload a text file like the following content on any web server:
Now if you want to change your newest version number just change your text file.

If you want to change your current version number just change your assembly version.

Now you can check for updates by doing the following:

string URL = "";
int CountofNumbers = 4;
bool[] Results = RatzzUpdate.CheckforUpdate(URL,CountofNumbers);

Result[0] shows if there is an update available
Result[1] shows if there was any problem while checking for an update

You can also show the current version or newest version as a text by doing this:

string CurrentVersion = RatzzUpdate.GetCurrentVersion(CountofNumbers);
string NewestVersion = RatzzUpdate.GetNewestVersion(URL,CountofNumbers);

CountofNumbers is the amount of numbers you want to show.

If you have any problems or feedback just contact me on


Version: 1.0.7
Author(s): Jonas Lieske
Last Update: Monday, February 19, 2018
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Project Url:
NuGet Url:

Install-Package Ratzz.Update.check
dotnet add package Ratzz.Update.check
paket add Ratzz.Update.check
Ratzz.Update.check Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)