Top 20 NuGet version Packages

Easily detect if you are running the latest version of your Xamarin or UWP app and open it in the App Store, Play Store or Microsoft Store to update it.
A .NET Core Tool that can install, read and set version information based on git history, using Nerdbank.GitVersioning.
Stamps your assemblies with semver 2.0 compliant git commit specific version information and provides NuGet versioning information as well.
A portable semantic version class library compliant with the 2.0 SemanticVersion standard (
Integrate with Azure DevOps Server and Azure DevOps Services from desktop-based, ASP.NET, and other Windows applications. Provides access to version control, work item tracking, build, and more via public REST APIs.
Integrate with Azure DevOps Server 2019 and Azure DevOps Services from desktop-based Windows applications. Work with and manage version control, work items, and build, and other resources from your client application.
A SemVer implementation in .Net based on v2.0.0 of the spec found at
MSBuild task that bumps the version of a Visual Studio 2017 project before build and pack.
Library SW-sdk version .net 4.5
Library for running database scripts across different evnironments for easier DevOps
Easy-usage, Git-based, auto-generate version informations toolset.
MSBuild targets for compiling a Git repository hash into .NET assemblies.
Provides functionality to find which version of the .NET Framework is installed on a system.
Provides SemVer conformant versioning
Dumb versioning tool that increment major and minor version in AssemblyInfo.cs. Supposed to be used as pre-build task.
Nuget Publisher tool with autoimcrement of versions
Library sdk
A disciplined way to manage FluentMigration project and track change of stored procedures, sql function...
This project is a cross platform library for Xamarin, which enables a handy use of Google Analytics in your applications.
A toolkit for automatic updating of .NET applications from the web. It can be used as a simple deployment tool. Includes it's own executable updater, which is automatically downloaded the first time the application starts.