Top 20 NuGet yaml Packages

NeuChar APP 以及 NeuChar Ending 的对接 SDK
A .NET library for YAML. YamlDotNet provides low level parsing and emitting of YAML as well as a high level object model similar to XmlDocument.
NeuChar SDK 跨平台信息交互标准
A YAML portable .NET library. providing parsing and serialization of object graphs, compatible with CoreCLR.
YAML configuration provider implementation to use with Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.
PCL Extension provides a config implementation for .NET, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android. This makes it easier to create cross-platform .NET libraries and apps. Supports .NET Standard now.
NeuChar SDK 跨平台信息交互标准
This is a DocFX tool to split Yaml into skeleton and Markdown fragments.
Configure a .NET application from a variety of sources.
Rrs.Logging.Yaml Class Library
$ref yaml/json document loader
A conversion tool to migrate from Azure Pipelines YAML to GitHub Actions YAML
Yaml extension to Cinchoo ETL framework
A lightweight YAML-based Windows server configuration tool - this is the library used for custom task plugins.
If you've ever worked on an app and you needed quick access to something that can read a Markdown file with YAML front-matter, then this is your library. Using YamlDotNet and Markdig, we take your YAML object, serialize it for you, and give you Markdown and parsed HTML for your page data.
Parquet extension to Cinchoo ETL framework
Azure DevOps helper/utility library.
ByteScout Document Parser SDK for .NET, ASP.NET, ActiveX - parse data from PDF documents and images.
json2yaml is .NET global tool for converting json to yaml