Top 20 NuGet yaml Packages

This adds support for logging using NLog in Encel. After installing this package you need to configure Encel to use the NLogFactory in EncelConfig.cs. config.UseLogger(new NLogFactory()); Encel is a lightweight flat-file CMS that let's you create web pages using Markdown and Shortcodes...
Contains serializer/deserializer for YAML based configurations.
A .NET configuration library to simplify application configuration
JS Yaml (js-yaml) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
*Deprecated* as of 0.12.4-beta. Use Wyam.Yaml instead. Wyam is a simple to use, highly modular, and extremely configurable static content generator. This library provides support for parsing Yaml content.
Epicycle .NET commons library. Contains various utilities, file system abstraction, reporting and more. Used by other Epicycle packages. * Details & release notes: * Sources:
Console application allowing to configure Octopus resources from YAML files.
An owin middleware for swagger documentation using swagger specification (Json/Yaml) with custom UI.
Stub functionality for the TypedRpc library.
Convert from Yaml to Xml.
Persist is a .Net serializer/deserializer supporting XML/Json/Yaml formats
Type safe Yaml library for F#.
Common.Serializer provides a simple serialization abstraction to switch between different implementations
A YAML deserializer
Xamarin Yaml Localization
.NET Configuration Extensions for loading YAML configuration files from AWS S3.
A module to help parse YAML documents
Type safe Yaml library for F#.
Simple .NET Strongly-typed Application Configuration with YAML