Top 20 NuGet winform Packages

Package Description
Extends Verify ( to allow verification of WinForm bits.
Simple, flexible, interactive and powerful data visualization for WinForms
Shared User controls for developing XrmToolBox Tools
DynamicPDF Viewer is a PDF viewing control you can embed in a .NET Windows Form application. Viewer is highly efficient and lightweight and can add PDF viewing to any WinForm application without relying on any third party or external resources. DynamicPDF Viewer for .NET seamlessly integrates with ...
Lightweight and full-featured data Grid control with NET60 support. The Grid Control for NET offers a very fast data grid for your Visual Studio projects. Includes NET Core support and improved javascript visualisation via jsGrid. Demo code:
OdinSoft SDK Library for WinForm
MingUtil some useful unitity for winform
ReaLTaiizor is a user-friendly and design-focused control library for .NET WinForms projects, containing a wide range of components. You can personalize your projects with different theme options and customize user controls to make your applications more professional.
Writes Serilog events to Windows Forms Application TextBox or Datagridview control from anywhere in your application.
Monetize your Windows WPF and WinForm apps or games with banner and interstitial ads with top revenue and 100% fill rate. AdsJumbo advetising SDK supports UWP, WinForm, WPF, Unity3D and HTML5 apps. Increase your revenue opportunities by putting ads in your Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app or gam...
基于 GPL-3.0 的 .Net C# Winform开源控件库、工具类库、扩展类库、多页面开发框架。
WinForm control that hosts the audio/video capabilities of the VLC libraries.
A .NET2 Winform control that renders and allows editing of a time-span value.
Our base classes to link winform to our viewModels.
Best with various WinForm transitions. C# WinForm Transition Library - Harley
OdinSoft SDK Library for WinForm Core
GuestIN Winform Application Frameworks
This package allows you to drag a control on the screen, with the option to launch an event when it reaches the edge, or other controls.