Top 20 NuGet websocket Packages

Implementation of IWebApi and ISubscriptionApi for EmbedIO (see
Wrapper for API (REST & WebSocket)
This is a websocket server and client component based on SAEA.Socket. 这是基于SAEA.Socket的websocket服务器、客户端组件
Lightweight MVC Library for Rim WebSocket and HTTP Server.
High performance WebSocket on .NET Standard 2.x/.NET Core 2.x+ (both server and client - standalone or wrapper of System.Net.WebSockets.WebSocket)
SignalWire development kit for operating with services.
Lightweight library for interprocess communication. Easy to use and works on multiple platforms (.NET, Android, Java and HTML5 Javascript).
IPWorks is a comprehensive framework of easy-to-use components for Internet development, including FTP, HTTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, LDAP, DNS, SMS, SOAP, etc.
Chilkat Runtime Component for Universal Apps for SSH/SFTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, SSL/TLS, Zip, REST, HTTP, RSA, Encryption, XML DSig, WebSocket, Compression, XML, Socket, XMP, HTML to XML, JSON, JWT, conversion, PKCS12/PFX, Java Keystore, ASN.1, PEM, ECC, Async, ...
微信公众账号 - WebSocket 模块 Senparc.Weixin SDK 开源项目:
XComponent Bridge Community Edition. Unleash the power of microservices.
Simple, lightweight, yet powerful way to build reactive, real-time web apps. SignalR hub for ASP.NET Core.
Simple, lightweight, yet powerful way to build reactive, real-time web apps. Library for .NET Core.
A simple and light Websocket client. Xamarin cross-platform. Can be set to ignore SSL/TLS server certificate issues. Observe incoming message using Reactive Extensions (Rx)
Implementation of IWebApi and ISubscriptionApi for RedHttpServer (see
Websocket Connectors for Rim Server
Core Library for Rim WebSocket Server, Client and HTTP Server
NetMock is a .NET network service mock framework, inspired by Moq syntax, providing the ability to mock REST and web socket APIs from within a test framework of choice.
This is the Azure Relay .NET Standard client library for Hybrid Connections. For more information about Relay see This package is only supported on Windows 8 / Windows Server 2012 and newer.
websocket-sharp provides the WebSocket protocol client and server. It supports: - RFC 6455 - WebSocket Client and Server - Per-message Compression extension - Secure Connection - HTTP Authentication (Basic/Digest) - Query String, Origin header and Cookies - Connecting through the HTTP Proxy server ...