Top 20 NuGet webhook Packages

Provides Slack incoming webhook API and slash command request mapping.
Use Zoho API C#.NET SDK to access Zoho API
A template to expose Blip MessagingHub applications through webhook, using ASP.NET WebApi
A ReflectInsight for Facebook Messenger .NET Core.
.Net Standard Telegram Bot Api Client client for communication with the Telegram Bot API. Example webhook web application runs .Net Core 2.1, also includes a example command line tool.
A ReflectInsight for Facebook Messenger .NET Core.
Client used to build and send Slack messages to a channel, using a slack incoming webhook which can easily configured
A ReflectInsight for Facebook Messenger .NET Core.
WebHook middleware for the SendGrid api using AspNet Core.
GitHub webhook controller implementation for your web application.
Ovidos Asp.Net Facebook WebHook
A .Net Standard Wrapper to Manage Commands with Telegram Bot Webhooks.
Automatically creates task lists on referenced issues, back linking to the source issue and automatically updated.
Core interfaces for OctoHook extensions.
Automatically assign issues with title formatted with ':[username]' or ':me'.
- Provides a ControllerBase class to respond to webhook post requests coming from Wrike. - Handles the post request and provides abstract methods for the events of tasks on wrike.
Automatically close issues via standard GitHub mechanism (i.e. 'fixes #123'), regardless of the commit branch.
Automatically link issues to their corresponding user story (issues labeled 'story' or 'Story') based on a shared prefix with square brackets, like '[uex] Provide UI hints'.
Automatically apply labels to issues with title formatted with one or more '+[label]'.
.NET Framwork Library for Facebook Messenger Bot