Top 20 NuGet uow Packages

The package is a part of Saritasa Tools project. Saritasa.Tools.EfCore3 contains implementations for unit of work, repository interfaces.
Boilerplate testing library.
Boilerplate unit of work and generic repository pattern for mongodb.
Unit Of Work pattern implementation for ASP.Net Application
Implementation of Unit of Work, Repositories and Queries.
Autofac initialization of BitsOnCoffee.Data
Entity Framework implementation of BitsOnCoffee.Data Library
Idea.UnitOfWork Class Library
UoW and Repository Pattern with EF
Unit of Work component that automatically handles transactions (with multiple DbContext support)
Unit Of Work pattern over Entity Framework
Contains a bunch of interfaces, abstract classes, etc... to easily deal with DDD infrastructure layer
Unit of work implementation for OASP solution. This unit of work provides the different methods to access the data layer with an atomic context. Sync and Async repository operations are provided. Customized Eager Loading method also provided for custom entity properties.
Implementation for Generic Repository and Unit of Work using Entity Framework Core
Generic Repository and Unit of work pattern with EF.Core
The UnitOfWork package provides a lightweight starter kit for using the UOW, and Repository patterns with Entity Framework. It has been implemented in an easily testable way, so that you can mock data access to make testing easier.
Provides a starter kit for unit testing UOW/Repositories with EF. Compliments the UnitOfWork package.
Boilerplate unit of work and generic repository pattern abstractions.
DDD helper lib
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