Top 20 NuGet unit Packages

A library to make things cross-platform that should be.
Console runner for the Context/Specification framework Machine.Specifications
Machine.Specifications is a Context/Specification framework geared towards removing language noise and simplifying tests.
Get all the common units of measurement and the conversions between them. It is light-weight and thoroughly tested.
ServiceFabric.Mocks contains many mocks and helper classes to facilitate and simplify unit testing of your Service Fabric Actor and Service projects.
Advanced testing library for F#
Utilities to streamline unit testing in Dynamics CRM 365 by faking the IOrganizationService against an In-Memory context which runs blazing fast.
Extensions for ordered testing with Xunit. Full support for ordering at all levels - test collections, test classes and test cases. Support for AssemblyFixture including IMessageSink injection and IAsyncLifetime. Supports .NET Core 1.x, .NET Core 2.x. and .NET 4.5.2+
Shouldly - Assertion framework for .NET. The way asserting *Should* be
Machine.Specifications.Should is a should library for the Context/Specification framework Machine.Specifications
Includes support for running v2 tests on iOS, Android, and UWP devices
Pester is testing framework for PowerShell, written in PowerShell.
A Serilog sink that correlates log events with the code that produced them, enabling unit testing of log output.
Machine.Specifications (MSpec) adapter for .NET Framework and .NET Core including dotnet cli (dotnet test), Visual Studio IDE, TFS, Visual Studio Online, Visual Studio Team Services.
Library for running Xamarin.Forms inside of unit tests
Mongo2Go is a managed wrapper around the latest MongoDB binaries. It targets .NET Standard 1.6. This Nuget package contains the executables of mongod, mongoimport and mongoexport v3.6.1 for Windows, Linux and macOS. Mongo2Go has two use cases: 1. Providing multiple, temporary and isolated MongoDB...
A library to make things cross-platform that should be.
Property testing for Expecto, powered by FsCheck
Advanced testing library for F#
MyTested.WebApi is a strongly-typed unit testing library providing an easy fluent interface to test the ASP.NET Web API framework. See the project repository and documentation for more information and an overview of the available features.