Top 20 NuGet tpl Packages

A .NET library that provides a variety of reusable functionality, including packed integers (PackedInt16, PackedInt32, and PackedInt64), guard methods, various extension methods, and classes related to the Task Parallel Library (AsyncLazy, AsyncLock, AsyncAutoResetEvent, and AsyncManualResetEvent).
A high performance TPL library for F#.
A behaviour-based activity package for any application.
Runtime check if an object or type can be awaited.
Provides an easy way to enqueue tasks through parallelization
Helpers for creating simple pipelines using TPL Dataflow.
ParallelHelper is a static code analyzer that helps to identify concurrency related issues. Moreover, it provides hints to improve the robustness of code with concurrency in mind.
TPL Dataflow promotes actor/agent-oriented designs through primitives for in-process message passing, dataflow, and pipelining. TDF builds upon the APIs and scheduling infrastructure provided by the Task Parallel Library (TPL), and integrates with the language support for asynchrony provided by C#, ...
An implementation of an actor designed to integrate with C#'s async/await.
Additional stylecop rules for the async / await c# features.
ASP.Net MVC library for Ajax, Hijax, and reverse-Ajax (Comet)
ASP.Net MVC library for Ajax, Hijax, and reverse-Ajax (Comet)
Utility library to simplify writing asynchronous code which supports .NET 3.5 and newer.
uScoober.TestFramework: Graphic Display Interface
Utility library to simplify writing asynchronous code which supports .NET 3.5 and newer.
Asynchronous Task Extension Library
cassandra-sharp - high performance .NET driver for Apache Cassandra. Please note only binary protocol (cql 3) is supported - this requires Apache Cassandra 1.2. Major features: * async operations (TPL tasks / Rx subscriptions) * Rx interface (IObservable / IObserver) for result streaming * TPL Tas...
The package includes: * Task<T> for executing asynchronous operations. * Concurrent Collections such as ConcurrentStack, ConcurentQueue ad ConcurrentDictionary. * PLINQ for writing parallel queries. * additional Threading operations such as Barrier,SpinLock and SpinWait.
The Crawler-Lib Engine is a general purpose workflow enabled task processor. It has evolved from a web crawler over data mining and information retrieval. It is throughput optimized and can perform thousands of tasks per second on standard hardware. Due to its workflow capabilities it allows to stru...
An NLog logging extension to process CqlSharp logs through the NLog library. CqlSharp is a high performance, asynchronous Cassandra CQL binary protocol client implementing the ADO.NET data provider interfaces. See for details.