Top 20 NuGet token Packages

Simple Token Bucket.
Jwt extension
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The token generator for ConvertAPI Rest API.
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Middleware and extension methods to capture and propegate correlation tokens.
A Simple implementation of a JWT Provider for .Net Core.
A simple Json Web Token authentication helper library that allows you to generate access tokens easily for both ASP.NET Core web apps (cookie based auth) and Web APIs (stateless token based auth).
Simple helper class which will get OAuth or Basic Auth token based on request parameters
Jwk extension
From an entry, containing a string, a list of lexemes + tokens is generated
Knox API utlity to sign JWT tokens
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Package Description
Package Description
Componente teste
This library makes it easy to generate tokens, generate claims, read claims and generate refresh tokens in projects where you will use authentication.
Simplified async re-implementtion of
Generate Jwt token
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