Top 20 NuGet toggle Packages

Yet another Feature Flag (or Feature Toggle or Feature Switch) for your code.
Cool reveal animation on your Xamarin.Android SwitchView
Viewing featureflags within a project and an environment. To start, create a "FeatureFlags"-object , then use the method "ConfirmProjectAndEnvironment" and give as parameters the name of your project and name of your environment. Next, use the method "IsEnabled" with parameter the name of the featu...
A SimpleInjector plugin for FeatureSelect
FutureFlag.Forms: a feature flag library designed to target Xamarin.Forms
FutureFlag: a feature flag library designed to target any .net application supporting netstandard 2.0
Xamarin.Android Binding for Ankit Kumar's CustomToggleButton. Custom Android ToggleButton with beautiful animation in a simplest way.
A plugin to FeatureSwitcher to control feature switches/toggles from app.config.
A .net client library for Hobknob
FeatureSwitch plug-in for Glimpse
FlipperDotNet is a feature-flagging system. This package is the common adapter test suite.
Customizable Toggle switch with flat style for UWP
Feature flag utilities for .NET - based on etsy and reddit feature flag implementations.
Unit Test helper for Toggler library
A Package that allows you to toggle features on and off
FeatureSwitch integration library for Asp.Net Mvc
FeatureSwitch helper library for System.Web.Optimization
FeatureSwitch helper library to integrate with StructureMap v2.6
FeatureSwitch IoC container support for Unity
A feature flipping system for ASP.Net WebAPI.