Top 20 NuGet toggle Packages

FlipperDotNet is a feature-flagging system. This package is the common adapter test suite.
Customizable Toggle switch with flat style for UWP
Feature flag utilities for .NET - based on etsy and reddit feature flag implementations.
A FeatureSelect utility for loading features from configuration
Unit Test helper for Toggler library
A Package that allows you to toggle features on and off
FeatureSwitch integration library for Asp.Net Mvc
FeatureSwitch helper library to integrate with StructureMap v2.6
FeatureSwitch IoC container support for Unity
A feature flipping system for ASP.Net WebAPI.
A feature flipping system with Unity.
Feature Switch IoC container support for Ninject
Cookie backed repository for RToggle
A Sql feature source for FeatureSelect
FeatureSwitch cloud support library
FlipperDotNet is a feature-flagging system. This package makes use of Redis as a storage backend.
A really simple library for checking if a feature is enabled/disabled
A feature toggle library with ASP.Net routing
Allow configuration of featuresusing scripts (currently just javascript)
Easy way to determine features using configurable or runtime conditions