Top 20 NuGet templates Packages

ServiceStack Razor Documentation: - Turns ServiceStack into a Complete Web + REST Services Stack. Replaces need for ASP.NET MVC. - Runs In ASP.NET or Self-host, first-class cross-platform support on .NET / .NET Core runtimes. - Add HTML views to exist...
Handlebars.js is an extension to the Mustache templating language created by Chris Wanstrath. Handlebars.js and Mustache are both logicless templating languages that keep the view and the code separated like we all know they should be. Checkout the official Handlebars docs site at http://www.handle...
Less CSS compiler support for Cassette.
Styles implementing AdonisUI's theme definitions to provide classic look and feel.
Contains an MSBuild task that will generate Cassette bundles for a web application at compile time.
Core theme definitions for AdonisUI - a lightweight UI toolkit for WPF applications offering classic but enhanced windows visuals
Logic-less templates in JavaScript.
ServiceStack Razor Documentation: Compile Razor Views into a compiled .dll you can use in ServiceStack hosts to eliminate Razor View compilation at runtime for instant start-up times.
Installs code snippets and item templates to assist in creating CSLA business objects. CSLA .NET is an application development framework that reduces the cost of building and maintaining applications. The framework enables developers to build an object-oriented business layer for their application ...
Generate POCO models for all existing tables and stored procedures in a database for use with OrmLite.
Templates for ASP.NET Core Blazor
Templates for ASP.NET Core Blazor without any js and css libraries.
TimeWarp Templates for ASP.NET Core Blazor
Project starter templates for Cofoundry CMS.
Liquimail implements glue code to use Liquid templates with MailKit.
F# templating library with simple syntax designed for smooth work with F# types
New generation of Aspose Cloud SDK that allows to create, edit or convert Word documents (20+ file formats) in Aspose Cloud from .NET applications. Aspose.Words Cloud enables your applications to perform a great range of document processing tasks. With Aspose.Words you can load, save and convert do...
Template to use MilNet Services
Important: This is just the core library for Cassette. You probably want to install the Cassette.Aspnet package for ASP.NET support.
A functional approach to creating generic and adaptable conditional templates