Top 20 NuGet state Packages

redux-fsharp is a Redux-like implementation of the unidirectional data flow architecture in F#.
Includes library which allows to attach NetRx.Store Monitor tool to an application at a runtime
TinySM is a simple finite state machine engine.
State Processor for any entity in your application. StateProcessor can change state validation for enter and leave those states. Special rules list for each state executed before Enter stasus and Leave status.
A dotnet implementation of Michael Nygard's Circuit Breaker state machine, using the Gang of Four's STATE pattern.
An Opinionated Development framework for Blazor WebAssembly. Includes immutable State Management, rapid data isolation for components, state change monitoring and simple state access inspired by Hooks. Will soon also include persistant stores This library is still evolving rapidly. Functional...
Uso del patrón state
A library to add a flexible SOLID versions of the State Pattern and StateMachine Pattern.
A simple & light State Manager for Xamarin Forms