Top 20 NuGet state Packages

A simple C# library to interface with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Game State Integration
A C# library to intrerface the Game State Integration found in Dota 2.
A generic state machine framework.
Redux implementation in c#. Redux is a predictable state container made popular by in the js world. Urunium.Redux is redux implementation for .net framework, which tries to implement redux in more c# idiomatic manner. Prior arts: Redux.Net, reducto.
Common functionality
Track running state of methods with a boolean property
Xamarin Forms VisualStateManager implementation, supports part of major features of original VSM from WPF
Type-safe state management (like Redux and Elm) for Blazor.
Redux state management for
A lightweight .netstandard 2.0 neural networking library
Stateful implementation on top of Azure Service Fabric's Reliable Actor state manager. Provides common .NET data structure concepts persisted in distributed actor state.
A state container for server-side Blazor.
Implementation of React Hooks on Blazor.
Simple fluent state machine for strong restrictioned state transition of your Entities.
The Dependency Injection extension in regards to the St8-ment library. Provides an extension method that can be used with the Microsoft Dependency Injection library.
The state machine to control the various states of the game.
Reactive libraries for .NET Core