Top 20 NuGet specflow Packages

SpecBind is a bridge library for SpecFlow that allows for users to use as standard step vocabulary to drive their interaction with various web driver platforms, only requiring a light page model to complete interaction with the web site.
Specflow plugin which adds FluentTest base class for all generated features. Also this package adds Specflow.FluentAutomation.Ext reference which contains Pages class for working with PageObjects.
Out of the box test automation framework utilizing SpecFlow, Coypu, Selenium and a page object pattern for automated UI testing.
A library to provide strongly typed scenario contexts in Specflow
A SpecFlow plugin used to generate the correct test class attributes for SpecBind web drivers.
Generate the report of SpecFlow test run and send the report via email. Screenshot will be attached to the report for failed test cases, which is useful for UI testing.
The TestPipe Test Automation Framework helps you create maintainable browser tests.
Formerly known as SpecFlow.Reporting.Json: generate SpecFlow testresult Json reports
Formerly known as SpecFlow.Reporting.ApprovalTestSuite: Approval test suite which can be used to test reporters
Joyride's Behavior Driven Development (BDD) binding layer with built-in mobile steps
This package contains SpecFlow steps definitions which allow you to reuse scenario steps
Provides attributes used to annotate your code in order to provide additional information to the Augurk.CSharpAnalyzer.
A .NET package to provide support for downloading features from Behave for Jira
A simple page framework for performing gherkin-based acceptance test driven development using Selenium WebDriver
Behaviour Driven Development Test Library for Xamarin.Forms
A forked from SpecResults project to provide the ability to generate test result in cucumber format.
A forked from SpecResults.Json project to provide the ability to generate json file in cucumber format.
Test class generator to drive automated web ui tests with Selenium and SpecFlow 2.1.0. Works with BroswerStack, SauceLabs, TestingBot and any WebDriver grid. Based on Baseclass.Contrib.SpecFlow.Selenium.NUnit.
xUnit test runner for Kekiri
This provides a check to monitor a CI/Build server for new builds and then extract and publish build stats from your StoryQ, SpecFlow, NCover reports. Also provides base classes to build new parsers and build notifiers.