Top 20 NuGet sort Packages

Simple generic mergesort method implement the mergersort algorithm (since in c# sort method uses quick sort). To use simple invoke the static method: For version 1.1.6: use MergeSort<T>.Sort(IEnumerable<T> tosort), it returns result in IEnumerable<T> type. For version 1.0.0: use MergeSort<T>.Sort...
.NET library that mimics behaviour of some Haskell functions and types.
Framework to assist in sorting and paging a query with core entityframework.
Package contains algorithms for 1. Performing patten searching on 2. Performing sorting on Content
Provides position codes based on letters to organize items in a collection. With this, you can organize and fluently move items up and down in collections.
A set of tools for quickly sorting and comparing csv files and strings of any size. This package was built from the source code at
This component provides extesnion of various Excel activities like 1. Conversion from Xls to Xls 2. Renaming Sheet 3. Sort Sheet with Multiple Columns 4. Get Column Name by Column Index 5. Set Sheet Columns Autofit 6. Set Sheet Columns All Border (Thin, Continuous Line) 7. Merge Cell 8. Set Bold Tex...
A fast implementation of topological sorting that supports stable sorting as well as breaking ties via ThenBy[Descending]
Generic Search, Sorting, and Pagination functionality for ASP.NET Core 3.1
A lightweight sorting suite for IComparable types. Supports multiple sorting algorithms
All types of sort library
All types of sort library
Foxy.Core provides extensions and useful helpers functions that rely only on .net standard 2.0. Most important: LeftJoin, NaturalStringComparer.