Top 20 NuGet sort Packages

Sorts resx file alphabetically.
A fast sorting algorithm for all datatypes using IComparable(ints, floats, decimals, strings, etc.).Outperforms generic mergesorts and leverages parallel processing for larger arrays.
A library of statistics algorithms for numeric arrays.Including Sort,Mean,Median,Mode,StandardDeviation, Variance, Paercentile, (1st,2nd,3rd Quartile),ZScore,InterquartileRange
Adds the ability to File Layout to sort entities by type name.
Reformat, sort and remove comments from ResX files
Sort, filter and aggregate lists of business objects without all the boring code! This library provides a powerful "view" approach to data binding .NET objects to user interface controls.
Library to wrap IQueryable with filter and sort queries received in serialized form (i.e. from JavaScript front-end). Works by way of expression trees
Contains the set of extension methods for IEnumerable<T> and ICollection<T>
A library for textually searching arrays and hashes of objects by property (or multiple properties). Designed specifically for autocomplete.
Get array sorted in no time
Apply Different Ways of Topological Sort: - Sort The Objects Based on Their Dependencies. - Sort The Objects Based on Their Dependencies And Group Them By The Same Level of Dependencies.
General purpose data structures and algorithms mostly to cover the functionallity or performance gap in the framework. Includes: ProrityQueue, Bag, SymboleTable, Trie, UnionFind, Search Trees (BST, OST, RBT), sorting and graph algorithms.
Extensions for EF and IQueryable interface to allow simple sorting and filtering
Clases genéricas para implementar paginación con filtrado y ordenamiento dinámicamente del lado del servidor. PWFO: Pagination With Filtering and Ordering.
Sorting algorithm
Sorting algorithms library built with .NET standard to use over arrays and enumerations.
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