Top 20 NuGet sms Packages

Twilio REST API helper library
Official C#/.NET wrapper for the Nexmo API
A .NET SDK to make voice calls and send SMS using Plivo and to generate Plivo XML
Twilio helpers for ASP.NET MVC versions 3 through 5.
Indice.Services Class Library
.NET implementation of SMPP protocol v.3.4 and v.5.0. This library can help to communicate with SMSC, send and receive SMS messages. It allows to create SMPP server.
dotnet core 阿里大鱼短信类库
Messaging plugin for Xamarin and Windows to make a phone call, send a sms or send an e-mail using the default messaging applications on the different mobile platforms.
SiteServer CMS 短信发送插件
SignalWire development kit for operating with services.
Library for Interfacing With Pidgins SMS
.Net Core library for Ghasedak SMS Provider
Ding.Tools.Sms是基于.net core平台开发的应用框架中的NetCore短信操作类库。
This package contains the open source C# client for MessageBird's REST API. Documentation can be found at: - holiday api in iran - وب سرویس - وب سرویس تعطیلات ایران - وب سرویس پیامک - فکس - پیام صوتی - تعطیلات تقویم فارسی و قمری ایران
Using Gurux SMS media component you can send Short messages using your mobile phone and AT comands.
library For Payamak-Panel Services
This library contains the default implementation for interfaces defined in LFNT.Net.Core by invoking RESTful API.
everymessage Workflow Server Client