Top 20 NuGet sms Packages

LogPusher .Net Connector for LogPusher Notification System. Fore more help please send email
Sarbacane SDK to send e-mail and text messages (sms).
VerioCheck Contact Validation and Identity Verification API
NetStandard implementation of actions that you can do on a Contact: Call, Sms, Email
This library contains the default implementation for interfaces defined in LFNT.Net.Core by invoking RESTful API.
A C# SDK lib for
Unofficial wrapper for Qcloud SMS APIs 腾讯云短信接口非官方封装
aliyun open api sdk for .net core
Avast.SmsConnectorClient Class Library
Twilio Conversations REST API helper library
Allows you to notify a mobile phone by SMS over provider.
Base package for Notifications. Use it only for creating your own notifications systems based on this package.
Africa's Talking SMS,Voice,USSD,Airtime and Payments APIs provide a scalable,robust and reliable interfacing between developers and telco providers across the continent
A single C# client library for PayLite's Communication API. It only takes 21 lines of code to send, track and store email and SMS communications with this API. Register for an API key and get 10,000 free emails per month with MessageLite or insert your key/credentials for SMTP, SendGrid, Twilio, etc...
Twizo API for .NET by CloudRail provides an easy solution to programmatically send SMS messages. Get a free license key at: Platform Supports: Cloudrail SDK is built with Microsoft .NET Standard 2.0 which supports the following - .NET Framework 4.6.1 - .NET Core 2.0...
The MessageMedia Webhooks allows you to subscribe to one or several events and when one of those events is triggered, an HTTP request is sent to the URL of your choice along with the message or payload. In simpler terms, it allows applications to "speak" to one another and get notified automatically...
Receiving and Parsing SMS Messages on Android Devices
ASP.NET Core aliyun sms sdk.
This package includes the Eclo.nanoFramework.SIM800H assembly for nanoFramework C# projects.
A simple, yet customisable, .NET standard client for interacting with Mailjet