Top 20 NuGet single Packages

Makes it easier to convert simple types.
Corvinus WPF Base Library
LINQ-like helpers and extension methods for IEnumerable. Type filters, Option-type conversions, flattening enumerables, fast single-element enumerables, and others.
Provides opt-in support for concurrency controls on Rebus message handling. This includes single access sagas (ie. only ony handler for a given saga running at a time) as well as more general handler throttling (ie. Throttling message through put based on types or properties)
Beetle WebApi 2 Controller Api. Simply derive from BeetleWebApiController and manage your data easily. For example check sample project on github.
Beetle Mvc 5 Entity Framework 6 sample Todo project.
Beetle Mvc 5 Controller Api. Simply derive from BeetleMvcController and manage your data easily. For example check sample project on github.
Beetle WebApi 2 Entity Framework 6 sample Todo project.
Improve your websites using fullpage scrolling.
Source code package. An extension for determining whether or not an object can be expressed as a single value.
Single Line Log (single-line-log) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Define behavior of your Ajax dynamic pages with NO Javascript code.
What is this? ------------- SpaStack.NET is a Single Page Application (SPA) web boilerplate framework built from Durandal.js JayData.js ASP.NET Web API 2 oData . It allows you to maintain one slim codebase . It be package with PhoneGap for native deployments to Android / iPhone / Blackberry / Windo...
Single Page Application template for create a solution from scratch
Rrs.SingleInstanceApp Class Library
SPA Bundler bundles Images, Fonts, Css, Js and Html into a single html file. It is intended to optimize performance for Single Page Applications. It minifies and optimizes all files involved.
Provide single entry point that references all necessary REEF/WAKE/TANG projects.
Beetle.js Client with TypeScript definition files.
A framework that combines WebSharper and Angular to allow F# coding of all aspects of a SPA client and server
JavaScript navigation router, with knockout support.