Top 20 NuGet service Packages

Really Simple Service Discovery Protocol - a 100% .Net implementation of the SSDP protocol for publishing custom/basic devices, and discovering all device types on a network.
Package Description
A tool for code generating TypeScript endpoints, interfaces, enums, resources and view paths for your ASP.NET Web API controllers/web apps
Host ServiceStack side-by-side with an existing ASP.NET MVC application at the path '/api'. ServiceStack is a modern, high-performance, code-first web service framework promoting code and web services best practices. Simple, Fast, Elegant. Website:
Binaries for the StackExpress web framework. Visit and for walk throughs and docs on creating your first web service.
KeyVault provider for Microsoft Azure ServiceBus attachment plugin
This package contains a Windows Service provider for the CG.Process package. Platforms supported: .NET 4.61 or above
Core component when using Vertica Integration Service.
Extends Integration Service with the ability to simple host WebApi controllers.
Portal web-site for Integration Service.
Package that contains the necessary artifacts to host a hangfire background server.
Package that contains Azure specific extensions/implementations for Integration platform.
Service Fabric helpers for setting up testing for mocked service fabric applications and services in Fabricators Guild solutions. Provides Mocks for common Service Fabric classes allowing for unit and integration testing of Actors and Services
This official URF framework minimizes the surface area of your ORM technlogy from disseminating in your application. Framework provides an elegant way to implement a reusable and extensible Unit of Work and Repository pattern.
ArqueBus is a .Net Standard 2.0 generic open source memory event bus.
The Api for Qixol Promo provides the classes needed to access the functionality of the cloud-based promotion engine in your project.
Class library that allows applications to register themselves with an XMPP-based Service Registry, such as the IoT Broker.
This package contains service abstractions used by other CodeGator packages. Platforms supported: .NET 4.61 or above .NET Standard 2.x or above
Lucene29 Centralized library for the sensenet platform containing the Lucene-based centralized indexing and query engine implementations.
Provides an implementation of the messaging gateway for decoupled invocation in the Paramore.Brighter pipeline, using restms