Top 20 NuGet serverless Packages

Tool to generate AWS CloudFormation json templates for Amazon AWS CloudFormation
Host an ASP.Net Core application inside an Azure Functions V3 App.
This is a extension package for HotChocolate GraphQL framework to enable execution within AzureFunctions V1/V2 using the new v12 API. Provides very easy integration with Azure Functions with maximum support for out-of-the-box HotChocolate functionality.
Serverless .NET for AWS - Lambda Library
This package contains the full-stack build for
Serverless .NET for AWS - App Library
Baracuda OpenAPI Azure Functions NET Core 3.1 Generate the json file openAPI 3.0 and the front end view to interact with the API’s calls based on the setting defined in the json file openAPI 3.0. newest: Connection with Barracuda Identity Provider Package
Xigadee Api Server library is used to construct API gateways to the Microservice.
Xigadee Azure library contains a set of communication and persistence components built on the Microsoft Azure libraries.
Implements support for serverless XMPP messaging and SOCKS5 content transfer. It also provides support for End-to-End (E2E) encryption. Ciphers and algorithms supported include: Curve25519 Curve 448 Edwards25519 Edwards448 (Goldilocks) NIST P-192 NIST P-224 NIST P-256 NIST P-384 NIST P-52...
Serverless .NET for AWS - Slack Lambda Library
Serverless .NET for AWS - Logging Library
Tool to generate AWS CloudFormation json templates for Amazon AWS CloudFormation
Serverless .NET for AWS - Command Line Tool
Serverless .NET for AWS - App EventBus Actions Library
Configuration library for devon4net webapi template
An ultra lightweight API for robust distributed application mutex locking capabilities leveraging Sql Server. The API provides a set of easy to use custom extensions for the Microsoft.Data.SqlClient library that provide robust distributed application mutex/locking support via the sp_getapplock & sp...