Top 20 NuGet serverless Packages

Extends Azure functions to support routing to handlers, auth, validation and more
A library for easily writing CloudFlare workers in F# to be used with Fable.
AWS lambda enables users to write serverless functions. However, a lambda function can have a maximum execution time of 15 minutes after which it times out. Hence, it is not possible to write long running processes in AWS lambda. AWS has introduced step functions to overcome this shortcomming. Howev...
An extension for using the latest Azure.Cosmos .Net SDK for Cosmos DB bindings in Azure Functions.
Aliyun Serverless .NET Core support - Core package.
Aliyun Serverless .NET Core support - Core package.
Notification Hubs Output Binding Extension, that supports Azure Functions v3. Allows to send multiple notifications to different platforms, that are supported by Azure NotificaionHubs service.
This package provides serverless functions with middleware functionality similar to AspNetCore
Serverless framework template project for creating microservices using microsoft dotnet core.
.NET Global Tool for easy publishing of events to EventGrid topics.
Provides an input binding for Azure Functions v2 to get keys and get/set secrets from Azure Key Vault
Use Azure SignalR service in Serverless mode with standarized Azure Functions and corresponding client library.
The mock implementation for Aliyun.Serverless.Core's interfaces for local test purpose
.NET Core implementation of Fn FDK (Function Development Kit)
Spin up integration tests on your Azure Functions!
Utilities and helper functions for when integrating with Amazon Web Services Api Gateway