Top 20 NuGet ScriptCs Packages

ScriptCs.Hosting provides common services necessary for hosting scriptcs in your application.
A script pack for ScriptCS that brings in the code analysis metrics.
ScriptCs.Engine.Mono provides a Mono-based script engine for scriptcs.
ScriptCs host for ClickTwice publishing, including the script pack
ScriptCs.Engine.Roslyn provides a Roslyn-based script engine for scriptcs.
Nancy script pack for scriptcs. Continue your journey down the super-duper-happy-path by creating a self-hosted Nancy website with a single line of code: Require<NancyPack>().Get("/", _ => "Hello world").Host();
Octokit Script Pack for ScriptCs.
Some simple helpers for writing SignalR in C# scripts. The main purpose of this is to allow sending messages to clients without having to use the dynamic object, which is not supported by Roslyn (and therefore ScriptCs) at the time of writing.
Magic script-based C# task runner with C# V6 support
Write .Net apps with a text editor, NuGet, and the power of Roslyn!
Update: This NuGet package has been renamed to 'ScriptCs.Request' so please install that package ( instead since this package will not be maintained. Using this script pack you can write very simple declarative scripts for performing http reque...
Get a simple Cake context in your ScriptCs scripts
A ScriptCs script pack for ArcGIS.PCL.
ScriptCs script pack for Fluent Automation
A ScriptCs script pack for Rebus.
WPF Script Pack for scriptcs
ScriptCs script pack for Arduino4Net
PVC Plugin for executiong MSBuild build targets for .NET projects.
PVC Build Engine
PVC Build Engine plugin to execute testcases written for xUnit test framework