Top 20 NuGet scriptcs Packages

This provides an implementation of the FluentAssertions library for Script CS.
Xunit test assembly test runner
Destination for FakerOfData which serializes fake data to a TextWriter.
Destination for FakerOfData which loads fake data to database using the Simple.Data library
This package contains random value generators which are not considered core functionality.
My package description.
This allows you to manage your commands for the ScriptCs REPL
A simple GUI toolkit for ScriptCS.
ScriptCs pack to access app.configx in working folder.
MakeSharp - Make# - is a straightforward build automation tool for .Net using C# scripts. It's designed to be used in an object oriented manner allowing you to create advanced and maintainable build logic
Gist Module for scriptcs
Various wrappers, extensions, implicit casts and other terrible things to make scriptcs a bit easier.
This script package converts a sql server data table into json or xml format
A Http ScriptCs Library
A JSON Script Library
Octokit script library for scriptcs
Contains a modified F# interactive and compiler that allows for programmatic access rather than a stream based mechanism.
.Net library that generates fake data and loads it into e.g. a database.