Top 20 NuGet ria Packages

This package works like OpenXML helper to enable user to easily create Excel file from jqGrid data collection.
OpenRiaServices.Signed.OData provides the OpenRiaServices.DomainServices.Hosting.OData assembly, which provides the read only OData endpoint for Domain Services. The necessary web.config entries are added with this package as well. This assembly is not under active development, f...
Silverlight Authorization Library for WCF RIA Services.
RIAServices.T4 provides the CSharpClientCodeGenerator class, as well as many supporting classes, which can be used to override the existing code generation pattern for RIA Services.
RIAServices.UnitTesting provides a DomainServiceTestHost that can be used to unit test your Domain Services.
WCF RIA Services Toolkit - Silverlight ViewModel (MVVM) features
RIAServices.WindowsAzure provides the TableDomainService<T> class, as well as the TableEntity and TableEntityContext classes that can be used to create Domain Services backed by Windows Azure Table Storage.
Generic link table implementation used by RIAServices.M2M.
Silverlight part of RIAServices.M2M providing the M2M view on link table entities.
WCF RIA Service for Code First Model
Caliburn.Micro.Focus is a set of extensions, conventions and viewmodel base classes that extends Caliburn.Micro for development using WCF Ria Services.
RIAServices.LinqToSql provides the LinqToSqlDomainService<T> class which can be used to create Domain Service classes for use with a DataContext class from Linq to Sql.
RIAServices.WebForms contains the ASP.NET DomainDataSource and DomainValidator controls for using a DomainService in an ASP.NET Web Forms application.
Northwind Starter Kit
Northwind Starter Kit VIsual Basic
OpenRiaServices.Signed.Server provides the OpenRiaServices.DomainServices.Hosting and OpenRiaServices.DomainServices.Server assemblies. The web.config.transform adds the necessary configSections, HTTP modules, and system.serviceModel elements to make your Domain Services available at runtime....