Top 20 NuGet reflection Packages

Provide simple reflection API to perform basic actions like setting field from string, getting all class keys, etc.
Reflection utilities for .NET.
Expression and reflection helpers
Biblioteca para facilitar a programação com reflection. Informações (
Package Description
A reflection based, configurable deep object cloner that can selectively modify objects during the clone operation.
.NET library that aims to provide a faster usage of C# reflection features. Especially the usage of constructors, members accessors (get/set) and attributes. It provides these features while trying to keep an API as similar as the standard Reflection API. Supported platforms: - .NET Standard 2.0+ ...
It is an extenion for mapping data to your model that returned from efcore stored procedure executed.
An object instance creator & object mapper that uses Fast Member for reflection purposes. Also extends fast member feature to retrieve custom attributes from Members Mappert - Fast and flexible object mapping for C#.
Show information about an object/class. Very throw away stuff - do not use