Top 20 NuGet rebus Packages

Provides a Castle Windsor container adapter for Rebus
Rebus is a lean service bus for .NET
Provides an Azure Service Bus transport for Rebus
Provides a service provider-based container adapter for Rebus (i.e. integration with Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection) as well as integration with the generic host
Provides a RabbitMQ transport for Rebus
Log4net-based logging integration for Rebus
NLog-based logger integration for Rebus
Serilog-based logger integration for Rebus
Microsoft SQL Server-based persistence for Rebus
Provides test helpers for Rebus, e.g. a fake bus (records what happens to it), a saga fixture (for testing sagas), etc.
Apache Kafka transport for Rebus. So as to interact with the Apache Kafka requires the unmanaged "librdkafka", you need to install the appropriate version of the package "librdkafka.redist". If this unmanaged "librdkafka" is not found automatically, you must load it before you can use Rebus.Kafka fo...
Provides named bus instance support for Rebus, enabling hosting of multiple instances.
Provides a unit-of-work plugin for Rebus
PostgreSQL-based persistence for Rebus
Provides an Amazon SQS transport for Rebus
Rebus integration of Correlate to correlate message flow via any supported Rebus transport.
Provides an Autofac container adapter for Rebus
Provides an Azure Storage Queues transport for Rebus
Contains contract tests for Rebus services - valuable, if you e.g. want to implement your own Rebus transport, subscription storage, etc.
EventSourcing Rebus integration