Top 20 NuGet read Packages

EntityFramework EF Core Bulk Batch Extensions for Insert Update Delete and Read (CRUD) operations on SQL Server.
Bytescout Barcode Reader SDK for .NET, ASP.NET, ActiveX/COM - read barcodes from images and PDF documents
A fast way to read and write to Excel *.xlsx files without using the Open XML library.
With the Aloaha ZUGFeRD SDK you can create and read ZUGFeRD XML Data. Furthermore you can embedd or extract ZUGFeRD XML Data from any PDF. PDFs are automatically converted to PDF/A. ZUGFeRD XML Files can be directly converted to ZUGFeRD compliant PDF/A files. Incl. PAdES Signature API More inform...
A library extending Magneto with implementations of ICacheStore backed by implementations from Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.
Easy read and write in your DB Simple to use: only 2 lines of code to read and write in SqlServer table! DataManager DM = new DataManager("dbname", "catalog", "username", "password"); DataTable res = DM.getAllRecords Datatable ("table to read"); Thats all! More here htt...
File parser designed to read text files line-by-line, saving each line's content into basic types vars (int, double, string, etc.).
Fixed Width Parser Writer for reading and writing flat data (files) with defined field position in line or file (relative height).
A simple library which is designed to make working with files more efficent and reliable.
Bytescout Spreadsheet SDK for .NET, ASP.NET, ActiveX/COM - create and modify Excel files
A tool designed to facilitate data managment in unit testing. The tool makes JSON data organized in embedded resource easy to access. It provides numberous ways to extract a section of data, and deserialize data.
Extensions to expose lists, collections, dictionaries, and enumerables as read-only. IList<T>.AsReadOnly() ICollection<T>.AsReadOnly() IDictionary<TKey,TValue>.AsReadOnly() IEnumerable<T>.AsReadOnly()
A library for implementing the Command Pattern, providing of a set of base classes and an invoker class. Useful for abstracting data access and API calls as either queries (for read operations) or commands (for write operations).
Query actual file on your file system.
Easily read contacts from iOS and Android. Sample: var contacts = await Plugin.ContactService.CrossContactService.Current.GetContactListAsync(); DON'T FORGET PERMISSIONS: ON ANDROID: READ_CONTACTS ON IOS: into Info.plist <key>NSContactsUsageDescript...
A .NET Standard 2.0 library for reading, writing and editing PDF files. This is a modified fork based on several OSS projects. For more information see the license.
Class for fast reading and writing to an Excel file
FluentFiles.FixedLength.Attributes is extension for FluentFiles.FixedLength package for attribute-based mapping
FluentFiles.Delimited.Attributes is extension for FluentFiles.Delimited package for attribute-based mapping
FluentFiles is fast-working open-source library for reading/writing plain files