Top 20 NuGet rdf Packages

dotNetRDF is a RDF, SPARQL and Semantic Web API for .Net. It provides simple but powerfully extensible APIs for this and integrates with a variety of popular triple stores.
dotNetRDF.Query.FullText provides Full Text SPARQL support as a plugin for the dotNetRDF Leviathan SPARQL Engine using Lucene.Net
Package which allow integrating dotNetRDF with System.Data.DataTable
dotNetRDF.Data.Virtuoso provides support for using OpenLink Virtuoso as a backend triplestore with dotNetRDF
Provides a framework for building RDF-powered web applications and web APIs.
With RDFSharp it is possible to realize .NET applications capable of modeling, storing and querying RDF data.
Simple POCO object seriallization for JSON-LD
JSON-LD processor for .NET. Implements (part of) the W3C JSON-LD 1.0 standard.
Store RDF data on Firebird with RDFSharp
Generates Uri properties for IRIs in RDF vocabularies
Store RDF data on MySQL with RDFSharp
Store RDF data on PostgreSQL with RDFSharp
With RDFSharp.Semantics it is possible to realize .NET applications capable of doing modeling, validation and reasoning with OWL-DL ontologies
Store RDF data on SQLite with RDFSharp
.NET implementation of an RDB2RDF storage based on R2RML mapping file
This library is an enterprise ready platform for developing knowlege-based applications. Trinity offers superior modelling and querying flexibility combined with extreme scalability when compared with traditional ORM solutions. Supporting the powerful RDF metadata standard Trinity offers a sustainab...
Store RDF data on Oracle with RDFSharp
Generates .Net Uri properties for RDF properties in ontologies
JSON-LD processor for .NET Implements the W3C JSON-LD 1.0 standard. integration with triple stores using dotNetRDF.