Top 20 NuGet process Packages

Pass multiple arguments that can be complex objects to another program while executing that program from an executable file. After that, main program can communicate with another program that was executed.
An Api for developing against Target Process' Restful services.
YarFramework.Library is the core library assembly for YarFramework
Scrum process template for WiLinq
Agile process template for WiLinq
Observe processes like a push stream of data or await their results. Orchestrate and work declaratively with processes.
Template web request processing framework for core applications. Using this framework, the excess implementation on controllers can be reduced totally. The source code repository can be found at The sample project implemented using this framework is av...
Provides an API to connect to the Process Server of the Kai's SDK.
A C# library to monitor the opening and closing of specific Windows processes
Push stream (IObservable) and async/await (Task) abstraction for processes. Observe processes like event streams.
A .NET library containing restricted process executor which can be used to run Windows programs with restricted rights. RestrictedProcess.NET can also limit the time and the memory of a running process.
Provides basic context model for implementing business processes.
C# library to run external programs in a saner manner
Pipeline is an abstraction of the sequenced network nodes. It is the basic structure of neural networks and can be used for any sequenced operations.
Make databind between your .NET classes properties and your own template (Xml, Yml, ...) See documentation on
FetchAndProcess Framework
A process host for Windows (Vista and later) that is more reliable and flexible than System.Diagnostics.Process
Process pipeline framework for creating your own step by step ETL operation workflow
Utility to watch processes, when main process exits kills child processes. Uses named piper for interprocess communication.