Top 20 NuGet process Packages

A library to run sub-processes in .net
YarFramework.EnterpriseBase is the core enterprise application assembly for YarFramework
C# Process memory reader/writer
Window Hooker is a free library for injecting hooks into other processes/windows. Injected modules are executed in the target's address space.
Ms Windows Process infra structure - Windows runtime processes environment libraries
Basic classes for working with databases and services
Makes it easy to parent a process and obtain a Window handle in some situations where Process does not find a main window - tested with Electron
SDK for building process automation modules on Helios platform.
C# library to run external programs in a saner manner
Full safe inter-process communication solution. Allows to start processes and exchange data between them. Including processes started by different users, including SYSTEM account. Provides support to start processes in user context when the parent process is started from SYSTEM account. Provide...
Simple .NET Standard library for running multiple instances of one process and unifying the output
Processes Advanced Coding Functions Tecnosoftware components are free to use, developed by qualified teams, with no use limitation and unlimited number of installations. If you wish to support Tecnosoftware components development or simply make a donation, please visit
Provides a simplified interface for running shell commands using the async/await pattern.
Package Description
A simple way to allow transporting objects between several applications
Provides basic information about the Steam Applications installed on the local computer. It also allows you to launch an app as well as listen for events like if a Steam App is being launched and/or is being updated. The library can also capture the process pertaining to the application. The library...
Allows creating processes as user from SYSETM account, allows sending messages to existing processes.