Top 20 NuGet postgresql Packages

Provides access to PostgreSQL databases based on the EZNEW development framework
Abstact interface for DewDatabase products
Handle database errors easily when working with Entity Framework Core. Catch specific exceptions such as UniqueConstraintException, CannotInsertNullException, MaxLengthExceededException, NumericOverflowException or ReferenceConstraintException instead of generic DbUpdateException
ORM and LINQ Provider. Features: Auto Mapping, Generate Classes from Tables, Generate Tables from Classes, Synchronize Classes to Tables, Generic ADO.NET Wrapper, LINQ Provider support for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, VistaDB, Firebird, SQLite, and Microsoft Access.
A fluent ORM and Database Reflection Library for PostgreSQL.
The CData PostgreSQL Provider allows bidirectional, standards-based access to PostgreSQL databases.
A simple database migrator for SQL Server - Postgresql - MySql
PostgreSQL database provider for the SnapObjects ORM (SnapObjects.Data).
Abstract base class for PostgreSQL repositories.
PostgreSQL/Npgsql provider for TZM.XFrameworkCore.
PostgreSQL/Npgsql provider for TZM.XFramework.
MiniProfiler: Profiler storage for PostgreSQL Server
Object-relational mapper between TrackableData and PostgreSQL for DotNet Core.
PostgreSql storage implementation for DbLocalizationProvider package
Supported databases: IBM DB2 LUW/zOS, Firebird, IBM Informix, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Sql Server (+Azure), Microsoft Sql Server Compact, MySql, MariaDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SAP HANA, SAP/Sybase ASE.
C# dotnet templates for creating ETL applications with actionETL. - "actionetl.console" template creates an actionETL console project - "actionetl.addtoproject" template adds actionETL to an existing project Please see for detail...
The PPWCode Vernacular NHibernate PostgreSQL library version II.
F# type provider to support statically typed access to input parameters and result sets of sql statements in an idiomatic F# way. Data modifications via statically typed tables.
Easily spin up PostgreSQL instances for integration tests. It targets .NET Standard 2.0 and .Net Core 3.1. This Nuget package contains the executables of PostgreSQL for Windows, Linux