Top 20 NuGet postgresql Packages

PostgreSQL/Npgsql provider for Entity Framework Core.
EntityFrameworkCore PostgreSQL migrations for Quartz.NET
The PostgreSQL provider for DWKit. DWKit is a .NET Core BPM system made with simplicity and flexibility in mind. DWKit allows you to model, automate and execute mission-critical business processes.
Extended PostgreSQL driver for NHibernate, with support of json and array types.
Support for PostgreSql for Hangfire.Tags. This separate library is required in order to search for tags, and proper cleanup.
RapidCore is a collection of dotnet libraries to help you accelerate backend and api development
LINQ to DB ASP.NET Core Extensions adds ability to configure ASP.NET Core application for Linq To DB usage.
T4 templates to generate data models for LINQ to DB.
Evolve is an easy migration tool that uses plain old sql scripts. Its purpose is to automate your database changes, and help keep those changes synchronized through all your environments and developpement teams. Every time you build your project, it will automatically ensure that your database is up...
FreeSql 数据库实现,基于 PostgreSQL 9.5
OrmDB is a simple, fast and lightweight embedded .NET ORM tool which was inspired by the equivalent other tools. OrmDB is standalone a single DLL fully written in .NET managed code, and works across .NET ADO providers such as MsSql, MySql, Oracle and PostgreSql.
The library enables to create/use different engine databases for consuming Route4Me system. Supported database engines: - MsSql (SqlExpress, LocalDb) - MySql - PostgrSql - SQLite The library is done in the c# (.net core) envirnoment and it's platform-independent.
Library for exprorting 1C:Enterprise 8.x platform's event log files to PostgreSQL database
Provides access to the reporting tool List & Label. This package is required to connect to PostgreSQL data sources. Please note that a List & Label installation is required.
The Bold Reports data extensions by Syncfusion is a server-side helper package to connect with PostgreSQL data sources Learn more: Documentation:
Any ADO provider can be read (SqlServer, SqlServer CE 4, MySQL, SQLite, System.Data.OracleClient, ODP, Devart, PostgreSql, DB2...) into a single standard model.
PostgreSQL-based persistence for Rebus
dotConnect for PostgreSQL is an enhanced database connectivity solution built over ADO.NET architecture and a development framework with advanced support for ORMs, such as Entity Framework and LinqConnect and offers a complete solution for developing database-related applications and web sites. It i...
POSTGRESQL support for EventFlow
PostgreSql health checks package used to check the status of a PostgreSql in .NET 5, .NET Core, .NET Standard based applications. LiteXHealthChecks is very small yet powerful and high-performance library used to check the status of a component in the application, such as a backend service, da...