Top 20 NuGet PlugIn Packages

Plug-In allowing the bootstrapping and configuration of MongoDB.
Plug-in providing message-publisher allowing commands and domain-events to be published to RabbitMQ. Also provides attributes used to binds in-process message handlers to RabbitMq queues to be invoked when messages arrives on queue.
Assembly containing additional classes and extensions specifically for use by NetFusion.
Plug-In containing extensions for ASP.NET core.
Plug-In allowing for the configuration of REST/HAL based resources.
Contains Resource Models exposed by a Service's Public API.
Plug-In containing client for invoking REST/HAL based Web API Services.
Plug-In providing Roslyn implementations for executing expressions against domain entities.
Plug-In providing process and structure for mapping objects. Provides extension point for specifying an open-source mapping library of choice.
PayPal PlugIn for Xamarin.Forms.
Check to see if your users have granted or denied permissions for common permission groups on iOS and Android. Additionally, you can request permissions with a simple cross-platform async/awaitified API.
... This package includes awesome controls to get inputs easily from users and make validation easier. After installation, do not forget Init method for each platform. Visit Project Site Link to get more information about set-up. ...
JetBrains ReSharper SDK Tests Package
JetBrains ReSharper SDK Package
Take or pick photos and videos from a cross platform API.
PowerShellFar is the FarNet module for Far Manager, the file manager. It is the Windows PowerShell host in the genuine console environment. --- To install FarNet packages, follow these steps: ---
Manage your webresources easily
MiNET - a Minecraft PocketEdition Server
Plugin for XrmToolbox that allows to transfer Personal Views, Personal Charts and Personal Dashboards between environments including charings
.NET backports for RocketMod .NET Game Server Plugin Framework