Top 20 NuGet PlugIn Packages

LightDMS is a plugin package for Rhetos development platform. It is light implementation of a document version system. Provides DSL containers for Documents/DocumentVersions and service interfaces for upload/download files.
Highly optimised memory cache plugin for AspNetCore.PluginManager
Common assembly for Microsoft Dynamics Plug-ins development.
This tool is use for directly Import Record from SQL to CRM
A basic Camera View editor module.
Adds simple database error logging to Cofoundry.
Non-standard Extensions (utilities) to Xamarin-Auth (refresh-token)
Builds a Dynamics 365 connection string.
Check a record access rights for a user
Manage custom entities icons in a single screen
Manage users personal settings in bulk
Edit code attributes of Microsoft Portals records
Export/Import Dynamics 365 portal records
Servicestack plugin based on RequestLogsFeature that logs to Seq.
A collection of commonly used IValueConverters for Xamarin.Forms applications.
A simple library for loading plugins.
Add an icon in Xamarin Forms Entry control.
File System API abstraction
Plugin Description
The component contains a versatile and easy-to-use image rating, giving dynamism to your application, as well as being able to use it with numbers and letters natively; Swap Image along with Swap Label makes it easy to replace texts and images without reloading the page.