Top 20 NuGet platform Packages

The module provides primitives that can be used to automatically lookup and load assembly dependencies in dynamic scenarios.
A2v10 Platform Data Layer
The VTEX platform (PaaS) (e-commerce) SDK. A .NET client to consume VTEX APIs for both Core and Framework projects
An easy-to-use Windows Runtime API for immediate mode 2D graphics rendering. (with .NET 5 support)
A cross-platform, clean and extensible XML serializer for .NET
This package is deprecated and should not be used in new projects, please use Eto.Platform.Mac64 or Eto.Platform.XamMac2 instead. This is the 32-bit MonoMac platform for Eto.Forms UI Framework. Include this along with your Eto.Forms application to provide a native interface for Mac users. ...
.NET Standard 1.0 library containing types such as: Rect, Point, Size, Thickness, Color, RoutedCommand, IValueConverter, RoutedEventArgs... part of effort to have cross platform UI stack based on XAML.
Contains APIs used for add-in development for BIDS
Templates to use when creating a web app that signs in users or a protected web API with the Microsoft identity platform (and call downstream APIs)
Client SDK for the Appacitive platform.
This package contains the WinForms assemblies. Mugen MVVM Toolkit makes it easier to develop cross-platform application using the Model-View-ViewModel design pattern. The Mugen MVVM Toolkit makes extensive use of Net Standard Library to provide maintainable cross platform C# native applica...
Extension for Autofac providing integration with Mugen MVVM Toolkit.
This package adds Android Support Library v7 RecyclerView support for MugenMvvmToolkit.
Libset for agile software development
This package adds Android Design Support Library support for MugenMvvmToolkit.
SaaS Multi tenant Framework for SaaS Development and SaaS Migration. SaaS Application Development Platform addressing SaaS Challenges and SaaS Non-Functional Requirements
Catapush is a simple, reliable and scalable delivery API for transactional push notifications for applications. Ideal for sending data-driven transactional notifications including targeted e-commerce
Calculate progress - simple, fast, versatile, cross-platform Progressor makes calculation of progress as simple as enumerating a collection You can even "descent" into deeper iterations, maintaining gloabl and local progress If you ever found yourself figuring out this nasty percent-calculation-for...