Top 20 NuGet platform Packages

Infragistics Ultimate UI for Uno Platform DataGrid - Release version
Core utilities to support Infragistics Components - Release version
Infragistics Ultimate UI for Uno Platform Charts - Release version
This package contains the full-stack build for
An easy-to-use Windows Runtime API for immediate mode 2D graphics rendering. For the Universal Windows Platform (Windows 10).
Xwt is a cross-platform UI toolkit for creating desktop applications with .NET and Mono. This package contains the GTK toolkit backend for Xwt based applications targeting GTK2. Xwt.Gtk requires gtk-sharp ( The Windows installation package can be obtained from h...
Lara Web Engine is a lightweight C# framework for web user interface development.
The module provides virtual terminal functionality, console traits and useful primitives for .NET console apps.
A2v10 Platform Runtime
The module provides the math operations for combinatorics.
Infragistics Ultimate UI for WinUI Gauge Components - Release version
Infragistics Ultimate UI for WinUI DataGrid - Release version
Infragistics Ultimate UI for WinUI Charts - Release version
Syncfusion Chart control for Uno
This package is deprecated. Please use Eto.Forms.Templates instead with dotnet new -i Eto.Forms.Templates.
This is a .NET standard library that tries to parse and analyze the user agent string and extract as many relevant attributes as possible. The library aims to provides a reliable and extensible user agent parsing, browser and device detection. This is a semantic analyzer, so it doesn't rely on any...
Virgil is a stack of security libraries (ECIES with Crypto Agility wrapped in Virgil Cryptogram) and all the necessary infrastructure to enable seamless, end-to-end encryption for any application, platform or device. See below for currently available languages and platforms. Get in touch with us to ...
This is the Xamarin.Mac platform for Eto.Forms UI Framework. Include this along with your Eto.Forms application to provide an macOS interface for Mac users. When used in a desktop project, this package will automatically create a macOS application bundle to run on a Mac. You must buil...
A cross-platform API for authenticating users and storing their accounts.
Library that handles pushing and pulling data into the API library