Top 20 NuGet physics Packages

Speedy real time physics simulation library.
This package contains a testbed for RigidBody physics simulation, showing various aspects of their configuration and interaction.
Elementary particle quark parser
A library for controlling and parsing a unit of measurement electron-volt. Electron volt unit converter. This project is part of a closed project ElementarySandbox.
A Physics Toolkit for the Xenko game engine.
This C# library provides units management in different measure system (International System, CGS, Imperial system and US).
Aether.Physics2D is a 2D collision detection system.
Aether.Physics2D is a 2D collision detection system.
This library allows you to perform physical calculation while retaining unit consistency. Units can be added to the system at any time. Named units can be used to display quantities in a proper format. The system also allows you to parse units expressed in their string format from storage.
The DigitalRune Engine is a collection of middleware libraries and tools for developing 3D games, VR simulations and CAx applications.
Yet Another Math Parser (YAMP) Core System with all base types and functions.
Spine is a 2D skeletal animation tool for game development and other animation projects.
.NET wrapper for NVIDIA PhysX 4.0.0 @ 25462362
Fork from nkast. Converted to .NetStandard and explicitly included all MonoEngine dependencies.
.NET wrapper for the Bullet physics engine
Bonsai Physics Library containing modules for creating reactive 3D physics simulations.
Physics related type system that models the physical world, including distances, areas, etc. Includes strongly typed operators, so that multiplying two distances results in an area, etc.
A simple library for 2D physics simulations in .NET.
The physics library extends YAMP with constants and functions that play an important role in general physics.
The sensors library extends YAMP with functions which can talk to some of the sensors that can be connected to a Windows PC. This library is required by Sumerics and cannot be disabled.