Top 20 NuGet phone Packages

Fork of libvideo. libvideo is a fast, clean way to download YouTube videos. It is fully portable and has no dependencies. Find us on GitHub at
Elysium is library that implements Metro style for Windows Presentation Foundation applications.
Among the fastest of IoC containers. Light weight, effective and easy to use. Features: 1 interface to many implementations Auto IEnumerable Auto registration Auto-wiring Config Injection Container configuring through sub-configs Custom lifetime Eager/Lazy Singletons Injection with in-memory assem...
This is a signed fork of libphonenumber-csharp
Fabric provides developers with the tools they need to build the best apps. Developed and maintained by Twitter and the team that built Crashlytics, Fabric provides an easy way to manage all your SDKs so that you’ll never have to worry about tedious configurations or juggling different accounts. We ...
A class for formatting & parsing phone numbers.
This plugin provides programmatic access to several data valiadtion functions. It consists of three validating modules. Each modules consists of one or more actions that perform an operation against your data validation process. All of methods will return result object indicating success or failure,...
Provides powerful yet lightweight logging functionality to your Crosslight apps. Supports all client and server platforms.
Provides end-to-end push messaging functionality to your Crosslight apps. Supports iOS, Android and Windows for the client platforms and .NET 4.5 for the server platforms.
BugSense is the leading crash reporting and quality metrics service for mobile apps. This is the official plugin for Windows Phone 8.
AdDuplex (cross-promotion network for Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps) SDK for XAML based Windows Phone apps.
Le but de ce projet est de rassembler des Converter écrits pour WinRT/WP8/WP8.1, afin de trouver facilement sans avoir à les chercher dans plusieurs bibliothèques. Ce paquet n'est plus maintenu, il est remplacé pour le paquet UAPConverters
Drop-in control to display all apps by a given author. Useful for About pages. Displays name, ratings info, and icon like in Marketplace results.
A .NET Mixpanel API to add tracking to your Windows Phone, WinRT and .NET 4 apps. The complete Mixpanel API is supported (tracking events and all types of profile updates). The API also supports offline mode and bad networks: if element could not be sent, it'll be stored locally and sent later on.
(Unofficial) Twilio client library for ASP.NET Web API Projects. Compatible with Web API 2.
BugSense is the leading crash reporting and quality metrics service for mobile apps. This is the official plugin for Windows Phone 8.
An AdRotator control for Windows 8 / Windows Phone to support multiple Ad Providers in your apps / games Supports: * Windows Phone 7 / 8 / 8.1 * Windows 8 / 8.1 * Windows Universal Apps * Unity V4+ (WP8 + Win8) Includes the ability to configure supported ad providers from within the solution or re...
This package contains a sort of controls, classes and class helpers that is a result of a INDT ( initiative to help developers to accelerate their apps development speed. This framework works together with Caliburn.Micro, to also help developers to use the MVVM architeture. All the co...
Send Local Notifications across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows from a single API. Ability to create, send and cancel local notifications.