Top 20 NuGet phone Packages

Do you need to integrate OneDrive file access into your Windows Phone 8 app? Instead of starting from scratch with the Live SDK, use the OneDrive browse task to open the current user's files as easily as you request a photo or send an email. Just authenticate your LiveClient, setup the task, and sho...
Use HockeyApp in your WindowsPhone apps. Collect crash reports, provide a feedback-functionality and enable automatic updates for beta versions.
Tab control based on html fragments
search engine to index and search content locally
navigation control in a side flyout
control implementing semantic zoom interface. It's usefull for wrapping custom controls in a SemanticZoom control
Control to display items in a grid way (horizontal or vertical). Supports several layout options
custom Hub Control relying on WinJSContrib navigator control
Control and css framework for handling data forms with validation
Name has changed. Please search for AFrame.Web
Helps manage datasources with grouping and provide a control to wrap listview with grouping and semantic zoom
Add Dwolla In App payments to your Windows Phone 8 applications
Rivets is a C# implementation of App Links. It's functionally a port of Bolts, the Java/Obj-C implementation. App Links are a new open source, cross-platform standard for helping link between Mobile and the Web (and vice-versa). App Links are a defined set of metadata that can be advertised within...
prebuilt libwebsockets version 1.3 libs for Windows Phone 8.0
prebuilt libcurl version 7.34.0 libs for Windows Phone 8.0
prebuilt libaries for Windows Phone 8.0 version of ANGLE
BugSense is the leading crash reporting and quality metrics service for mobile apps. This is the official plugin for Windows XAML Universal Applications 8.1.
Control for a sliding effect on swipe. It helps building navigation or custom controls behaving like a flipview.
Name has changed. Please search for AFrame.Desktop