Top 20 NuGet performance Packages

.NET library that aims to provide a faster usage of C# reflection features. Especially the usage of constructors, members accessors (get/set) and attributes. It provides these features while trying to keep an API as similar as the standard Reflection API. Supported platforms: - .NET Standard 2.0+ ...
Lib.AspNetCore.ServerTiming is a library which provides Server Timing API support for ASP.NET Core.
Application Insights Performance Counters Collector allows you to send data collected by Performance Counters to Application Insights. Privacy statement:
Service worker and Web App Manifest support for ASP.NET Core projects that provides offline support as well as client-side caching.
MiniProfiler: Extensions and helpers for ASP.NET MVC 5+ (non-.NET Core)
Azure Site Extension to integrate applications in Azure App Service with Dynatrace monitoring. Analyze browser timings, database statements, and method-level performance. See for information on setup...
Monitor your Xamarin apps with Dynatrace to track real-user experience and performance.
A platform-agnostic command parser and dispatcher.
Ultra fast and low latency asynchronous socket server & client C# .NET Core library with support TCP, SSL, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, WebSocket protocols and 10K connections problem solution
The only .NET tensor & matrix library for generic types. It is also faster than other generic-typed matrix libraries.
Generic performance testing library for executing load-tests written in .NET c# Visit project website for examples.
This package is intended for Visual Studio Web Site projects deployed as Azure App Service. For information about the difference between web application projects vs. Web Site projects, see: With AppDynamics for Windows Azure App Servi...
Application Insights Event Counter Collector allows you to send data sent from EventCounters to Application Insights. Privacy statement:
.NET library for measuring the performance of functions
Powerful .NET library for benchmarking
A High Performance Zero Allocation Minesweeper Engine/Solver Built with c# 10 and .NET 6
High performance LINQ implementation with minimal heap allocations. Supports enumerables, async enumerables, Memory, and Span.
High Performance Binary Object Notation Serializer
FastExpressionCompiler for LightExpression is 10-40x times faster than Expression.Compile()
The package includes dynamic win-x86 libraries and header files Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library (Intel® oneMKL) is a computing math library of highly optimized, extensively threaded routines for applications that require maximum performance. This package provides C and Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) p...