Top 20 NuGet performance Packages

Serialization library for .netstandard. The library provides binary serialization which is faster and results in smaller payloads than json.
Gunner is a proof of concept command line Load test tool for windows to rapid fire requests against a test or pre-production server. A design goal from the outset was to have as small a memory and cpu usage footprint as possible and at the same time be capable of delivering high concurrency load tes...
Aspect Manager(Caching, Exception, Logging, Performance, Transaction, Validation)
SIMD-accelerated generic tensor library
Contains SDK specific test utilities.
Contains test utilities.
Contains .NET Core specific components of the Performance Toolkit Runtime.
Contains the Performance Toolkit Runtime.
Contains the Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Performance ToolKit.
Contains the programmatic engine for the Performance ToolKit.