Top 20 NuGet patterns Packages

Logging pattern for loosely coupled enterprise systems. Contains method signatures for logging and logger formatting. Create logger and associated formatter by implementing ILoggerFactory.
Pattern for software integration with cloud based email service provider list management processes. Most list management services offer email based SUBSCRIBE and UNSUBSCRIBE methods to add / remove users to mailing lists. This library provides a general pattern / interface for integration with such ...
Pattern for software development requiring email template / merge content functionality.
Provides a basic generic implementation of Repository and Unit of Work patterns.
You are provided with a neat opinionated pattern of input argument validation You are provided with the capability to only execute classes when its their responsibility to do so
The platform-specific extensions for the "More" framework.
Base and helper classes/interfaces for domain-driven design
Because I don't like writing things twice: common functions, utilities, helpers, classes and patterns used in KodeFoxx projects.
SOLID framework for code happy
EntityFramework.Patterns provides different patterns to be used with Entity Framework >= 6.0 Implemented patterns are : - Generic Repository - Unit of Work - Repository Decorator - Auditable Entity - Archivable Entity - Cache
implementation of IRepository, IUnitOfWork with EntityFramework.
implement the QueryObjectExecutor with Dynamic Query
.NET Utils Framework
The core library for the "More" framework.
Autofac implementation for the command handler resolver defined in Affecto.Patterns.Cqrs NuGet.
Unity.Patterns provides extensions for Unity dependency injection framework. The main focus is on Registration by Convention and the Decorator pattern.
An out of the box integration for fluent validation framework and INotifyDataErrorInfo interface. just decorate your target class with [NotifyDataErrorInfo(typeof(<FluentValidatorType>))] . Recommended to use with Syncfusion Data Form.
Store your data in Local storage just by adding the SettingsAttribute on top of the properies to store or on top of your settings class and let our aspect do the rest for you. It work by weaving the geter and seter for the target property to make sure that it read/write from local storage.
Common utilities and extension classes used by MavenThought projects
Syntax helpers and pattern templates for a certain C# idiomatic style.