Top 20 NuGet pagination Packages

Material UI Pagination (material-ui-pagination) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Tag Helpers for ASP.NET Core 2.1 and later
Implementation of pattern "Unit Of Work" for EntityFramework Core with some helpful features like integrated UserManager and RoleManager (Microsoft Identity), paging, transactions and other things
Builds response headers and bodies for Firestorm.Endpoints.
ASP.NET Core Pagination TagHelper
Xamarin.Android Binding for Lakue119's LakuePagingButton, make it easy to page through when loading a lot of data
A set of useful extensions to .NET IQueryable.
Package Description
AspNetPager是ASP.NET网站或Web应用程序中用于分页的自定义控件,功能强大、灵活,使用方便,同时支持回发(Postback)和url两种分页方式。 在线示例: 在线帮助文档:
MongoCursor PagedList Extension
you can work with Server Object Model and do CRUD (also pagination) actions as easy as drinking a glass of water (more at )
Pagination or Pager in Bootstrap for .Net Framework.
A library that helps to paging results
Data pagination interfaces.
Renders HTML pager, works nice with Bootstrap CSS and MVC Core 6
XtraLib simplifies the C# functionality like LINQ to SQL Sorting, Pagination, etc.,
An abstraction layer for supporting pagination in Elasticsearch.
DotUy.Pagination offers paged result-type enumerables.