Top 20 NuGet pagination Packages

A lightweight and easy to use dynamic pager libery for Blazor.
EntityFramework query extension for getting page data from database for views
AspNetPager is a free custom paging control for ASP.NET web form application. It's one of the most popular ASP.NET third party controls used by chinese ASP.NET developers. AspNetPager was first published in 2003 and had been steadily improved and updated since then. Online demos: http://en.webdiyer...
MvcPager is a free and open source paging component for ASP.NET MVC, it expose a series of extension methods for using in ASP.NET MVC applications, the implementation was inspired by Scott Guthrie's PagedList<T> idea, it was first published in 2009 and had been steadily improved and updated since th...
Easily construct lambda expressions dynamically. Turn models into database queries, using a simple fluent implementation.
Adds page templates with sample usage of navigation controls with EPiServer
Table List with search, pagination an many other features. Use exclusive with Asp.Net Core.
Repository over Specification pattern
A portable pager library written in C#, to allow you covert IEnumarble/IQueryable to an PageList or Page object.
Main implementation of basic Firestorm.Rest interfaces.
Implementation of Firestorm.Rest that builds LINQ queries.
An addon that adds interactivity capabilities to commands.
Package Description
ASP .NET MVC AJAX Pager control with URL history navigation
Provides customizable pagination control for ASP.Net sites. Supports GET and POST based scenarios.
The MVC Bootstrap Paginator is lightweight and easy to use. It's works out of the box and requires minimal configuration.
Bootstrap pagination extension for WebGrid
Easily paging in ASP.NET Core MVC that gets data as chunks from database
DotUy.Pagination.EntityFramework offers easy extension to create paged results from IQueryable sources.
Razor pager for MVC6 paged lists from Smetko.Paging (first,prev,1,2,3,,last). Easy template override. Check nuget page to see examples.