Top 20 NuGet of Packages

Catel.Extensions.EntityFramework6 library which provides data classes such as repositories, unit of work, DbContextManager and more.
A library for easy access to Riots League of Legends Developer Api. If you don't have your free developer key yet head over to to sign up for one! You will need to add an App.config or Web.config with the following app settings: <add key="ApiKey" value="[Your Key H...
Open source Portable C# Library for League of legends API provided by Riot Games Do not hesitate to reach me on twitter (@kRapaille) if you have any issue. “This product is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Riot Games, Inc. or any of its affiliates.”
NRepository.EntityFramework is a generic repository library with a strong focus on CQRS.
NRepository.TestKit is a collection of helper classes for NRepsoitory.
Abandoned and no longer works. Lightweight C# wrapper for the League of Legends Api. No one expects the banana.
NRepository.MongoDb is a generic repository library with a strong focus on CQRS.
SimplePersistence.UoW.EF offers implementations to the SimplePersistence.UoW using the Entity Framework 6 as the ORM.
This packages should be referenced by the MVC application to add built-in support for Unit of Work and Repository Patterns in controllers
Wrapper for the inversion of control container Autofac - Add-in X
CSV extensions for QuantityTypes
Data Access Layer provides concreate entity framework implemenataion of Generic Repository and Unit of Work for your .NET CORE application.
Componente para fabricar inyección de dependencias.
A library which allows to parse data from a replay file as well as to play it.
This package contains Entity Framework extensions for the CG.Domain package.
This package contains specialized DDD types that are used by other CodeGator packages.
A lightweight IoC container that implemented with .NET
A lightweight IoC container that implemented with .NET
Beetle Entity Framework handler.
A Handy package for wrapping Operations in a Unit Of Work.